Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Writer's Studio

Hello and welcome to Briana's Blog for all you blog readers.

Today for our pattern workshops I did Writer's Studio. Last week we went out into town and stalked people well not stalked but spying in a nice way :)

We had to be really silent otherwise Nicola would send us out.

Here is some of my story.           


Parents are always obsesed with their children not wanting to do something or saying they can't do something. But when you bribe your children with a 10kg bag of chocolate or something like sweets, they always do it so the parents know that they are lying.

They are constantly on about work doing everything they can to help themselves, not anyone else, especialy if your Dad is like mine and every time he gets home, he is always, always on and on about work, so before you know it, all you hear is... 'EWUIRWGBIWUYGfYUEWF.' 

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