Tuesday, 9 July 2013

   Calligraphy Writing.

Do you know what Calligraphy writing is because I do!!!!
Today we did Calligraphy Writing. Calligraphy Writing is the swirly and twirly writing used in the olden days when your parents were kids. We started out with a practice sheet and then we had to write our names, friends, address and things like that. Next after you had finished you could grab a bit of card and the write on it in calligraphy and  you could either do a picture with calligraphy, a picture with a saying around it or a wordal which is a box of words on all different angles. 

Bye,  See You Next Term.

:-) : )


  1. Wow I look forward to all the fancy lettering to come at home.

  2. I will look forward to seeing you use calligraphy in some of your presentation work this term Briana.
    Mrs Compton