Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Like An Eagle

Like An Eagle ever heard of the saying. Well if I think about it..... it's not a saying it's a song by I don't know why ask me? Look it up. Anyway back to the subject. Have you heard of the song because we sang it today at Enrich for performance with Amanda because Nicola was away sick today. It's a sad song but we don't know what it's about so we all had a guess about what it's about and I guessed it was about a child leaving a teacher or someone about to die or something like that.

Here is one of our rebuses for this week :

A mat

I'll have the answer for you next week :)

Bye, See you next week .

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  1. Mmmmm.... I am stuck on this rebus Briana. You might have to tell me this one - or I'll watch your blog next week for the answer. I think they are getting harder. I love the way our Enrich students share these with our class each week. Keep up the great blogs.