Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Today at Enrich we went for a three hour walk through Queens Park to look at patterns because patterns is our Concept Curriculum for the year.

Rhylee, Matt L, Liam, Lucy, Madison, Mia, Norton and I were in Katie's group.

Rhylee and I were in a pair.

We had too put all the patterns we saw into a section of either B.O.S.S which stands for Beauty, Order, Strength and Survivability.

Here are some of our B.O.S.S's

Beauty: Fish, birds, wood, weaving, ferns, leaves and wall patterns.

Order: Parking meters, yellow road lines, weather patterns, street numbers, traffic lights, speed limit and phone numbers.

Strength: Museum roof, scaffolding, bricks and fence.

Survivability: Man hole lid, shade, NO TRUCKS sign, traffic lights, scaffolding and fish scales.


  1. hi it sounds like you really had fun looking for patterns

  2. I wonder if you could go on another feild trip looking for even more pattern again