Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Making quick sand

Today at Enrich for passion time Sarah, Jemma and I made Quick Sand.

You need:
One cup of maize cornflour
Half a cup of water and some yellow food colouring.
Once you have done that you stir it.It might not look like sand but it is.You can tell when its ready because if you mix it slow it will fell watery and when you mix it fast it will be hard to mix.

Quick Sand....

AIM:(What you are wanting to find out)
We wanted to find out if it actually makes sand.

HYPOTHESIS: (What you think will happen)I think the quick sand will turn into sand once we have finished making the quick sand. 

METHOD: (the steps you take to do the experiment - Instructions)
Put one cup of maize corn flour in a bowl and then you put half a cup of water in and then some yellow food colouring. Mix all the ingredients together and then when you mix it slowly it should feel watery. 

RESULTS: (what happened)
When we mixed it slowly it did feel watery and when we mixed it fast it felt tough. 

CONCLUSION:(why you think this happened the reason for the outcome)
The cornflour was at the bottom so when we mixed it fast it got a little bit of cornflour and it was tough to mix. 

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