Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Another day at Enrich

Today at Enrich I started with a game of chess against Pippa.  I was 6th on the leaderboard, but then Pippa bet me, so I moved to 7th place.  After that, there were 5 people waiting to play me.  I played Joey and lost!  I am now 10th on the leaderboard.  For my environment project, I continued working with Travis, Jemma and Claire.  We were gathering information for our website about the environment at Seaward Bush.  We haven't quite finished gathering our information because we are still planning out our website.  After morning tea, we played a Wilson game - we played Pegasaurus.  Then we went and did P4C with Alana.  Our topic today was all about pride and making compromises.  This was based around the story "The Zax" by Dr Seuss.  Then I went to debating with Katie.  Our topic was "Getting rid of all the cats on the Stewart Island will help increase the number of native birds on the island.  I was on the affirmative team.  I said that it would be easier to catch the cats and remove them, rather than trying to catch the birds and move them to safety.  This afternoon, we are doing new high interest stations.  I am going to go to Science with Katie.  We are doing physics today.

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